by Katie Humphress

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by Katie Humphress

I thought God was watching my every move like a hawk, just waiting for me to mess up. I was shocked to learn that He loved me - flaws, fake ID, and all. 


If you're in the process of finding yourself - your worth and your purpose - then this book is for you. Laugh and cry as you read the shocking message of Fake IDs: God loves you. You don't suck.

Fake IDs showed me that I dont have to be ashamed or scared of who I am. I learned that is totally okay not to be perfect, because the most important is seeing myself in the way God see me, as his beloved princess and daughter.


El Salvador

Recently, I have been telling myself that the reason I'm still alone is because there must not be anything about me to love. are unloveable. Get a dog and pray the animal loves you. This is my actual thought process until I picked up your book. I know I'll still struggle and I know I'll still have days that come with bad feelings but being able to read that I'm not the only one, that it isn't about me is encouraging beyond belief and for that I am forever grateful to you and those girls in this book. 

Email to Katie


I laughed until I had tears in my eyes!



OMG....I just finished reading your awesome book. I absolutely love it. I might just read it again. I have marked in it so I can use it as a reference when needed. I have read many many Christian books, but I will have to say yours is one of the best I have ever read...Even though it may have been written for college age gals, I am well past that age, but truly it touched me. I feel so good this morning having read it. 



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