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kentucky artist, katie humphress



my story

My first oil painting class was in Molly's School of Art, and it changed my life. Molly, my teacher and mentor, was trained by Ritchie Cooper - one of Norman Rockwell's assistants. 


When I started painting, Molly always asked me "Where is the Light Source?" 


The question became my answer. 


Art is spiritual. When I look for the light source in my paintings, I find the Light Source in my life. This is why my online shop is called Light Source Gallery - to help me remember to look for the light in dark times.

studio hours

By appointment only, email Katie for details.


painting style

My painting style is modern impressionism - focusing more on shadows and light than on highly realistic details. 


I'm inspired by the Post Impressionism & Fauvism movements - especially artists Vincent Van Gogh, Cara Pabst Moran, and Henri Matisse.


I LOVE mixed media art with vivid colors and bold brushwork & inscribe my paintings with layers of words.