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When I got stuck on a painting, my 91-year-old art teacher always asked me "Where is the Light Source?" 


The question became my answer. 


Art is spiritual. When I look for the light source in my paintings, I find the Source of light in my life too.

I paint for the joy of it, and I'm so excited to share the joy with you. Reach out anytime! Can't wait to hear from you.


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I'm a part of an awesome group of 20+ artists in downtown Lexington at Artist's Attic. 

Check out the Artist's Attic website & visit my studio in downtown Lexington, KY. Click here for updated Artist's Attic hours & directions:


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I'm also the founder of a nonprofit, Lane of Roses. Watch my Lane of Roses story, and click the button below to get connected today!



As my dog, Thunder, agrees - I'm inspired by Post & Modern Impressionism, specifically Van Gogh and Cara Pabst Moran. 

I paint with bold strokes and vivid colors to convey passion and urgency in my work, primarily using palette knives. My paintings contain many layers, starting with words inscribed on the backgrounds of each piece.

My paintings contain messages, and my collections tell stories. Click here to learn more!