Melanie's Story: Beauty for Ashes

Melanie Brock's Story

This is the story of Melanie Brock. I first told her story at my first ever art show.

To view the entire presentation given at my first art show September 28, 2018, click here.

I painted this painting after hearing Bonnie's story of her beautiful daughter, Melanie:

After hearing her story, I went home and painted this giant canvas. The painting is called Beauty for Ashes, it's taller than I am, and here is the meaning:

  • The pure white canvas represents Melanie's innate virtue.

  • Isaiah 61 is written in black and white, a fact, on her heart.

  • The black "X" represents Melanie's battle with worthlessness.

  • The red cross represents the blood of Christ who exchanged beauty for ashes on Melanie's behalf.

  • The light source is Christ Himself & shines through Melanie's eye.

  • Melanie's direct eye contact is her realized virtue & beauty.

The words to Isaiah 61 are true for you as well. If you'd like help realizing your own innate value, please visit and talk to someone today.



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