9 X 12 Charcoal of My Grandmother from 1946

Charcoal by Katie Humphress

My grandma, Janet, is my hero. I think she's one reason I love my art teacher so much. They are so similar! Beautiful, graceful, elegant, and joyful. Grandma, or Gigi to her great-grandkids, lives a few hours from me and I don't get to see her very often.

For her 90th birthday, I surprised her with a charcoal of her high school yearbook photo. My daughter, Rylie, saw me working on it and asked, "is that Marilyn Monroe?" No, it's Gigi. Gigi was and is a beautiful woman.

Seeing her response. Well, it's hard to even write much about it. Here are some pictures... they really are worth a thousand words.

Photos by Bethany Feustel

#story #original #people

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