Welcome to Light Source Gallery!

Hi, there!

I'm Katie, the featured artist of Light Source Gallery. For a long time, I simply painted under my name... but something about it didn't feel quite right. Maybe it's the artist in me, but I love a good metaphor.

For me, owning a own gallery where people could stop by any time and interact with the art was a dream that started with a visit to Asheville, NC a few years ago. One of the galleries (there are so many in Asheville - if you haven't visited, please do!) was in a warehouse where you could touch any of the art, and the featured artist live painted regularly while talking with guests.

While owning a warehouse gallery is still a dream for the future, I felt like turning my home into a gallery is something I can do now. So welcome! Light Source Gallery is my home - so it truly is an online and at-home gallery. I'm so excited to have you here.

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