Stories Behind the Art

At Light Source Gallery we acknowledge dark places provide contrast by which we can see the light more clearly. As an artist, I believe I'm a conduit of God's Light & my work contains messages He is teaching me about life - both the good and the hard, the light places and the dark ones too. Here are the messages behind some of my art that have brought me great comfort - may they do the same for you. 




I wanted to transform used horseshoes into beautiful fine art because there's so much meaning in a worn shoe. Days later, as I cleaned the poop and rust off the shoes, I realized the primer I was using said "DO NOT REMOVE ALL OF RUST FOR PRODUCT TO WORK."


Sometimes a little rust is necessary. If you don't give up, beautiful things can be made of even the dirtiest of messes - and you're not going to get something beautiful without getting a little messy in the process. Each custom original horseshoe was worn by a horse in Central Kentucky. 


Never Give Up Collection

9 paintings inspired by the 3 rescued racehorses - Chester, Degenerate Gambler, and Poppers - who relax, shoeless, in the front yard of my friend's historic farm. Their redemption reminds me to never give up.


I painted the words of Galatians 6:9 "Never tire of doing good, for at the right time you'll reap a harvest of blessing if you don't give up" on the background of each painting to help you remember: even horses are rescued and given second chances. Their redemption can be yours too. Don't give up.

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